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Vanessa Maria

When you purchase from our site a percentage of our profits are donated to "Gateway for Cancer Research" in the name of Vanessa Maria Cochran.
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There will never be another voice like Vanessa Maria.
The voice of an angel.
Vanessa was a very talented young lady who battled cancer from the time she turned 25 years old. Through her years of life she never gave up hope of beating the deadly disease.

Looking for a great Christian rock band? Then look no further. Rock of Ages is a Christian rock band with a southern rock feel.

Big Rich Tha Don is one Latino hip hop rap artist who has captivated the nation with his poetically structured street influenced lyrics.
Latino Hip Hop, rap artist Big Rich Tha Don carefully places his experiences of life on wax with such style and grace, so stylish that this Latino hip hop
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Independent artist
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Rock Of Ages
She record many albums and performed on the Grand O Opera.
She recorded her album "O That I Were An Angel" with producer Dick McVey in Nashville TN.
Vanessa was a elementary school teacher in the Wood County WV school system.
Project Records will donate a percentage of our profits to "Gateway for Cancer Research" in her name.

Rock Of Ages
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Rock Of Ages

Gospel & Country
Christian Rock
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Aged Machine
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Aged Machine

Keith Haynes
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Hip-Hop / Rap
Big Rich Tha Don
artist has acquired over a million downloads from 50 popular hip hop and rap download centers, making Big Rich Tha Don one of the fastest rising independent Latino hip hop rap artists.
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Backyard Grillerz focuses on the preservation of New Mexican traditional cuisine. New Mexican Bar-B-Q or, La Matanza, is a unique way of butchering hogs that has been passed down through generations, a 300 year old method taught by the Spanish Conquistadors when they invaded the Native people of New Mexico and showed the Natives how to raise and butcher hogs.
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